Afternoon Golf

A first for our family this year. We joined the Winton Country Club. Mainly to give Michael the opportunity to hone his golf skills & also to allow him to be able to participate in some competitions that will be coming up this summer. This boy eats, sleeps & breathes GOLF. So Clay is trying to give him every opportunity that he can. Clay has been telling me how pretty it is out there….so far I’ve only dropped off & picked up my golfers……& that Alli & I should come along & walk the course with them & take pictures. Well, Alli wasn’t as keen on the idea as I was, so  yesterday afternoon I tagged along for some fresh air, sunshine, exercise & of course a little bit of photography.


At the first tee.


The club house.


The Winton Manor House. You can read about the history of it HERE.



I got tired toward the end & decided to go back up to the club house & wait for the guys. I grabbed my crochet bag out of the van & sat out on the deck while they played the last few holes. Its was such a gorgeous evening!


A Fresh Start

A brand new blog. I’d been having trouble with my old blog for a good while now & really meaning to sit down & start fresh with a new one. And with Ashley Cates persistance….well, here it is. As before, this will be a place to share…..homeschooling tidbits, my crafts… journaling, crochet & knitting……and just life in general. I’ll be back later with some pictures & more profound words. 😉