Alfresco Art

Another gorgeous Spring day. Too beautiful to stay inside & so Alli & I both spent a little time arting in the great outdoors!



She’s playing with some brand new oil paints. This is a new adventure for her. She’s only used water colors & acrylics before, so she’s been excited to get at it.


Of course, my ‘art’ is in the form of crochet…but I was creating nonetheless. Making progress on the ‘Boyfriend’ blanket. Will do a ‘Ta-Dah’ post when I’m done.


Counting My Blessings:

* A brand new month * mocking bird with a nest in our Mock Orange bush * Bare feet on the wet rainy grass * lunch with all 3 of my college kiddos (yes, I claim Brendan too) celebrating the ending of another school year * hearing lawn mowers going in the distance * blue skies & white puffy clouds * hearing the cows moo * butterfly flitting by * yellow buttercups & dandelions in the yard * sweet tea in a mason jar * hearing Alli play the piano–Matt Redman’s ‘10,000 Reasons’ * Bumble bees buzzing all around *


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