Hooky Projects & Art Journaling

Yesterday was such a beautiful spring day & I totally enjoyed spending some time outside soaking up the sun & hooking some Granny Triangles. I had started these a while back & then set them aside as I worked on more urgent projects….probably like Christmas gifts at the time. But got to thinking the other day how I wanted something new to hang in my dining room window. That’s when I remembered these triangles. So…..I dug them out & set to work on making some more. I’m thinking I’ll need/want about 10-12 of them to go across my double window…..We’ll see how it goes.


Besides the crocheting, I’ve really been enjoying my art journal these days. Especially the Journal52 prompts that come out each week. Here are a few of my latest creations.




Counting My Blessings:

*Birds snitching dog food from the pan outside * Finding Golf shirts at Good Will for my men * a mocking bird on my clothesline * Clean sheets straight off the line * Lilac blossoms on my kitchen table * watching the field grass blow in the breeze * White cheddar popcorn * FREE chick-fil-a sandwich * getting to watch church streaming when you can’t be there * hearing the frogs outside at night*


What are you thankful for today?



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