Easter Weekend

We were blessed to be able to have our college kids (including Brendan) home for the Easter weekend since they didn’t have any classes on Easter Monday. I picked them up after classes on Friday afternoon & the celebrating began that evening when Brendan treated everyone to ice cream at the Dairy Isle. Saturday was a restful day for the kids, while I played catch-up with all that laundry they brought home with them. In the afternoon, the kids took Brendan on a walk down the creek path.
Alli dipping her toes in the creek.
Easter Sunday found us over at Maw’s house again for another cook-out. And after lunch the kids had an egg hunt in the back yard. Such fun memories were made!
Monday morning found the guys up & at ’em early as they had an 8:30am tee time at Winton. Brendan decided that he’d go along as the official photographer of the day.
 After golf the kids decided to take the 4-wheeler out into the front field for some fun…..

We wrapped up our weekend by ordering Vitos pizza for supper & then Alli & I took the kids back to school later that evening. Now, the count-down is on……classes finish up this week & then finals! The end is in sight.


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