Wonderful Wednesday

What a gorgeous sunny day it is after the rainy day we had yesterday. I finished up some Easter cards that I had been working on & took them down to the mailbox to send them on their way.


What better way to spend a rainy afternoon than playing with paints & paper!


You can tell that Spring has finally sprung around here. Everything is SO green. I love it!


I stopped to say ‘Hi’ to the Ladies.


The dandelions look so ‘spring-y’ & cheerful…..


Even my mint has come back to life. Clay was getting worried that it wasn’t going to come back this time around, but it’s alive & well and looking very spring-like in my big ole black pots out on the patio.


I finished up another hooky project, but I can’t share all my ‘Ta-dah’ pictures with you just yet…..you’ll just have to make do with this little sneaky peek for now.



Counting my Blessings:

* eating my cereal out on the front porch * the smell of rain * the mistiness hanging low on the mountain * the beautiful color of ‘Spring Green’ that I see everywhere * watching the tale end of ‘You’ve Got Mail’–love that movie * mailing cards to friends/loved ones * finishing up another Hooky project * Sweet Tart jelly beans *


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