A Tuesday Adventure

I know, I know….it’s MONDAY, but I’m backing up a tad. I forgot all about some pictures I had on my phone from last week & thought I’d share our fun kind of spur-of-the-moment adventure we had.  For a couple of weeks now, Alli had been wanting to go to the craft stores to buy some more paint & canvases. So, I had the thought of us dropping the guys off to play golf & us girls would hit the craft stores……..didn’t quite work out like I had planned in my mind. (Does it ever?) The guys had an EARLY tee time of 8:30am for golf, but had promised we could go to town when they got done……BUT they wanted to go with us. We weren’t too thrilled with that plan at first…..because we knew they didn’t want to go to the stores we wanted to go to. For some silly reason they prefer Dicks, Play-It-Again-Sports, etc. Turned out we had a really fun FAMILY adventure together & I’m so glad it worked out like it did.

arts 002

First stop was the music store. The guys dropped us off here while they went to Harbor Freight & Play-It-Again-Sports.

arts 001

Alli enjoyed piddling around on all the different instruments.

arts 003

arts 004

We ended up having a bit of fun together on a baby grand. Alli came across the sheet music to Matt Redman’s ‘10,000 Reasons’ & I commented that it didn’t look too hard. Thus began the discussion of HOW in the world I can look at that & actually ‘READ’ the music. To her it’s like ‘math’….something that hurts her brain. She plays solely by ear & is self-taught. Me, I took lessons for years on end & can read music, but can’t play nearly as well as she can. The music in her is just a gift.  Anyway……I picked out the tune in the right hand while she listened & then joined in with the chords. It was fun!

The guys picked us up when they were done & this time we dropped them off at Dicks while we went to AC Moore & Michaels. At this point everyone was starving & ready to go. Clay surprised us by taking us to supper at Cook-Out. The kids had never been before so it was a nice treat for everyone. Very resonably priced too.



I haven’t done this as yet on my new blog, but I’m going to start adding my ‘Count Your Blessings’ to end of my posts & I’d love it if you’d leave a comment & share some of the things that you are  grateful for today.

Counting My Blessings:


*Daffodils in my kitchen window * listening to Alli’s piano-playing * new yarn for dishcloths * clean clothes hanging out on the line * goodies/snacks from the Frito Lay store * Chocolate ice cream * FREE chargrilled sandwich at CFA * Celebrating Jon’s birthday with the family yesterday * the guys went turkey hunting this morning & called in a turkey—-even though Michael couldn’t get a shot off * watching the Masters with my guys & learning to enjoy golf WITH them.


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