Kitties & Crochet

I had a happy little surprise waiting for me out on the back steps yesterday morning.


Our kitty, Gibbs, had her ktitens a few weeks back in an old hollowed out tree beside the house & yesterday she decided to bring them around to the back patio. This is just one of three…..we have two orange ones & a tortise-colored one. So, if any of you out there would like a new little kitty in a few weeks……(hint, hint)……..just let me know.


Later, after lunch, I could be found sitting out in my favorite ‘Old Green Chair’ under my Dogwood tree with my bag of yarn working on a special crochet project. This is my absolute favorite time of the year. Everything is coming to life again & it’s so nice out, without being too hot. So, I try & take advantage of every spare minute that I can to enjoy my chair & the wonderful warm sunshine.


This blanket is called the Camo Blanket.



Right now, I’m in the process of seaming all the squares together. I’m doing a slip stitch in the back loops only with this contrasting ‘Hunter’ orange. The orange can only be seen from the back side of the blanket & is invisible on the front. Will post some more pictures as I do the border & of course a big ‘Ta-Dah’ post when I’m all finished. Once I’m done, I’ll give you all the particulars of the blanket…..yarn colors, brand, how many squares, final measurements, etc.


One thought on “Kitties & Crochet

  1. Hi Amy, I like the look of the new blog! I might need to learn how to do that slip stitch thingy since a certain crocheter I live with doesn’t ever like to join things togther and prefers that I do it for her. I’ve only done a little flower scarf so far, but there might be a future for me in it … 🙂

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